John 15:15 – 

“I am the vine; you are the branches.”

Psalm 150:6 – 

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord”

Branches & Breath came about by the shared interest in creating and doing it for the Lord. All creativity comes for the Lord, all creativity that we have is directly from Him. By exploring His creation, we are praising our Creator. Everything starts and ends with the Creator, we are just branches of His majesty. We are branches that are filled with his breath.

The Authors: 

Rachel: artist // singer // musician // songwriter

Rachel (according to Livi):

The thing that stands out to me about Rachel is that she is completely unique. Her euphemisms, dancing, and stories keep me constantly laughing. I haven’t known her very long, but she has changed the person I am in such a great way. I have never met someone like her – she has a joy that I have yet to see anywhere else. She is crazy talented at music and art, in fact, she is the one who encouraged and taught me how to create. Because of her, I make art, bargain shop even harder, and know what joy is. She loves to sing and play the guitar and piano. She taught herself everything she knows about music and it baffles me daily. One of the things I love about our friendship is that we can start talking about popsicles but we end up talking about how great God is.

Livi: classical ballerina // artist // musician // writer

Livi (according to Rachel):

Livi is a truly beautiful soul. She loves her Savior Jesus Christ, ballet and dance (i.e. whip and nay nay), writing, and handlettering. Rolling the windows down and jamming to Taylor Swift is one of her many favorite past times. She is endlessly creative and is a wonderful listener. Her heart for the Lord is one that is not often seen in this world. Livi draws others in with her gorgeous smile and contagious laugh, always offering joy to those around her. She has a special appreciation for chocolate, adventures, and chocolate adventures.

We hope you will be blessed, encouraged, and inspired through our work.