Summer lovin’

Lots of interesting events have happened lately. Not only have I finished the hardest year of high school (can I hear an amen?), I started my dream internship. Its so good to finally get some rest after a crazy stressful year. But yeah, my summer is bangin’ so far.

Currently I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble Starbucks, writing away as I listen to other people’s conversations (like people watching but better). A lady I’m sitting next to just exclaimed really loudly, “I would LOVE a margarita.” So basically the most interesting hobby ever.

I’m currently:

☀reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen as well as the Four Loves by C.S.Lewis.

☀eating mountains of fruit and I’ve been in a Hawaiian food kick lately (this recipe is delicious and really good if you have some leftover chicken).

☀working out by biking, hiking, walking, lots of calf raises, and weight lifting. Gotta tone those biceps amiright????

☀wearing lots of thrift shop clothes (also, yet another picture in which I have coffee)


☀making an inspiration board for my room. Maybe I’ll add a picture whenever I’m finished with it!

☀also making (because literally I’m always working on 5 projects at a time) leather bracelets for to fundraise for my missions trip to Nicaragua. go

☀painting a lot of watercolors

Just a little update on my life. Thanks for reading!



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